Trainer Armour – what is it and how does it work?

Neplex recommends Trainer Armour is a reinforced self-adhesive patch and applicator system that prevents your big toe wearing a hole in your expensive trainers.

Trainer Armour is a thin patch that fits inside your trainers, just above your big toe, and is designed to be unnoticeable after fitting. It is manufactured from tough abrasive and tear resistant material.

​The applicator system ensures that the patch sticks in the correct place without any danger of sticking it to yourself, the furniture or stray pets.

​It’s best to fit it in new trainers to prevent big toe holes but it can also be used when a hole first becomes visible.

Each pack contains two self-adhesive patches, a left foot applicator and a right foot applicator.

Trainer Armour – why do I need it?

Don’t replace expensive trainers due to big toe holes, fit Trainer Armour in new trainers to prevent the holes appearing.

It isn’t just for runners who are clocking up the miles, it is for the 1 in 5 of us that suffer from the medical condition that causes the holes to appear.

Throwing away a pair of comfortable shoes just because a hole has appeared, even when the rest of the shoe isn’t showing any signs of wear, is just annoying and costly. Fitting our patches in new, or nearly new, shoes or trainers extends the life of the footwear you enjoy wearing, which is good for your pocket and good for the planet.